Coworking across Asia: 7 countries, 7 months…less than US$10,000

One of the benefits to being in Asia is that it is really easy and inexpensive to travel across the region. For those with location-independent jobs and few responsibilities, that’s a great opportunity to see places, experience new culture and meet people while still earning a buck or running a company.

This excellent post on the Pitchpigeon blog estimates that a seven-month long trip across seven different countries comes in at less than US$10,000 for everything – co-working, sleeping, eating, etc.

Pulled together by Singapore-based serial entrepreneur Jon Yongfook, it includes stops in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Grand Total

7 months. 7 countries. Meeting tons of new people. Having amazing new experiences. All while making progress on your startup. You will need…



This will cover all your basic expenses for a month in each country such as coworking desk / wifi (and hopefully some friendly coworkers), a roof over your head and food in your belly. This doesn’t include regional travel, but with budget airlines such as Air Asia this is cheap - expect to pay less than US$100 for a one way ticket when hopping between these destinations, apart from the countries further out like China and Japan.

Jon’s spent time in each country and he does a great job of wrapping this together, with plenty of alluring photos of beaches, food and cities.

Check out the post for full details.

It’s worth noting that, if you choose specific locations, $10k could go further than seven months. Likewise co-working is pricier than working out of hotel Wifi, but getting out to meet people is one of the points of the original post/trip and it is fun – but don’t abuse it.


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