Building your startup, hiring and raising funding in Asia

Over the past month we published a four-part series of must-read opinion articles on building startups in Asia – the last one of which dropped this past Friday. The series is authored by Thomas Clayton, a Silicon Valley veteran who has spent the last few years based out of Singapore as the CEO of Bubbly, a Twitter-like service for voice messages.

Thomas Clayton

Bubbly has over 30 million registered users, partnerships with numerous operators and has raised more than $60 million from investors, so – leaving aside his experience running companies in the US, which provides further context and basis for comparison – Tom has a lot of interesting insight to impart to aspiring Asian entrepreneurs or those investigating the potential of Asia from afar.

You can enjoy Tom’s 6,400-plus words at the links below:

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Expanding your startup into Asia? Here’s how to build out your operations in the region

How to build a Silicon Valley caliber product engineering team in Asia

How to raise money for your startup from VCs and investors in Asia

You can see the full series here.

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